To call this a recipe is a bit much but whoever came up with the idea is a genius. But this frothy, warmed milk, sprinkled with chocolate and dotted with marshmallows is how Australian parents bribe their kids in cafes so they can  have their coffee in peace. Every barista knows how to make them, and you’ll wish you ordered one for yourself. I make them at home for a nostalgic treat.

Photo: Graydon Herriott


1 cup (240ml) Whole Milk, or any milk that foams
1 teaspoon cocoa or chocolate powder
 2 marshmallows 

1—In a metal pouring jug, warm, and froth the milk with a steamer. Alternatively, you could heat the milk in a small saucepan and give it a vigorous whisk to create some texture.

2—Pour the froth into a mug, sprinkle with chococolate and pop in marshmallows.

Odette Williams is a cook,
writer & author of best selling
cookbook Simple Cake.

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