January Mood Board

January Mood Board

January Mood Board


Rhye ‘Come In Closer’ -  I love his Sade vibes.

Miley Cyrus belting Blondie (Brave to take this classic on. But, she nailed it.)

The Last Two Northern White Rhinos On Earth (A reminder: anything can become precious if we don’t look after it.)


Review – Miley Cyrus – 'Heart of Glass'; Miley Continues to Impress



Tom Brady heading to his tenth Superbowl. I know, I’m surprised as you are that he's made it to my list, but his talent, age, grit and determination are worth recognizing. (I enjoyed watching the Facebook documentary on him with the two football-heads in my life.)

Nia Dennis, a young American gymnast, in her powerful floor-flow.

The Surgeon’s Cut (Good for keeping things in perspective. Makes writing recipes a piece of cake.)



This silk slip. Hint, hint: my birthday’s coming up in February!


Open Silk Slip with Lace Insert Detail for Thumbnail 15