Simple Cake

All you need to keep your friends and family in cake.

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The recipes in this book are my family’s go-tos. They’re the cakes I enjoy baking, and we all enjoy eating. They’re not extravagant—not too rich or complex—and above all, they’re easy and quick to make. These are the flavors that get requested time and time again. Opal wants lemon, Dixie meringue, Matilda chocolate, and Ned needs vanilla. Most of the cakes can be made without beaters, and all can be simply dusted with confectioners’. I want to get that delicious cake in your mouth and mine, as soon as possible.

Williams doesn’t offer labor intensive recipes. As promised, every recipe in the book is as simple as it can be. But they are also some of the best cakes I’ve made.

—Melissa Clark, New York Times

Simple Cake is such a sweet book full of incredible photography, delightfully simple recipes, and so, so much love.

—Alison Roman

“The recipes are simple and
achievable. Classic and
unfussy recipes.”

“This might be the only cake
book one needs.”
—Helen Goh

“It’s gorgeous, and warm
and delicious with every turn
of the page.”
—Christina Tosi

Attainable, everyday pleasures. With Williams’s easy-going assurance.


This book is perfect for anyone looking to make new traditions. A lovely premise. Make baking the kind of thing you do to celebrate life's little moments as well as the big ones.

—The New York Times