Simple Pasta

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Simple Pasta is a book of un-preened, simple, tasty recipes you'll happily return to again and again. Along with the classics we all crave (I’m talking to you Cacio e Pepe and Carbonara), I’ll also share new seasonal favorites to add to your repertoire. Consider these seasonal blackboard menus. Pasta is the star but I’ve got the support acts: starters, salads, booze, and of course, dessert, so you can put a killer meal together.

Pasta deliciously portrayed in all its rustic elegance.”

Pasta deliciously portrayed in all its rustic elegance.”

—Stanley Tucci

New York Times bestselling author of Taste: My Life Through Food & Host of Searching for Italy

—Stanley Tucci

New York Times bestselling author of Taste: My Life Through Food & Host of Searching for Italy

“If you're anything like me, you'll want to make every last recipe in this effortlessly elegant celebration of life and the table—and thanks to Odette’s many gifts as a cook, writer, and teacher, you can rest assured that the journey will be a pleasure.”

–Ignacio Mattos, Chef/Owner Estela, Altro Paradiso, Lodi, Nine Orchard

“It’s rare to see a guide to all things pasta that makes the process so effortless without dumbing it down. Odette gets to the primal, soulful, dreamy heart of one of the world’s greatest culinary traditions, transporting and teaching from start to finish. You hold in your hands a new essential.”

–Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli, Co-Authors of The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual

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“I really love this book. It's so thoughtful but also so clever and funny. In Simple Pasta, Odette Williams goes beyond just providing you with a blueprint to making pasta at home. She removes any of the fussiness that one tends to encounter when making pasta from scratch and instead, transports you to her charming and exceptionally delicious world.”

–Andy Baraghani, Author of The Cook You Want to Be

“Odette Williams knows la dolce vita. Lucky for us, she has collected all of her wisdom in Simple Pasta. The book will certainly be the gateway to countless evenings with friends and family around a bowl of freshly made pasta. For the novice and the seasoned cook alike, Odette proves with welcoming arms that pasta is an opportunity for creativity and whimsy.”

–Pati Jinich, Chef, Cookbook Author + Television Host

“Crack the windows, find that sunny spot in the kitchen, and try making a new pasta shape. Pat yourself on the back and then coat that pasta in butter. Or even better, try the schmaltz of a roast chicken… Serve everything on cheerful plates—it’s time for some color. Definitely mix a martini. Read a short story, plant parsley, start running again (if you stopped, like me), find a hot bathing suit, and begin to make summer plans. –Simple Pasta, page 73