Coffee & Cake with Amy Chaplin

Amy Chaplin, is the James Beard Award winning author of, At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen: Celebrating the Art of Eating Well. Currently Amy is wrapping up working on her second book, that will be coming out next year with Artisan. I've caught a few sneak peaks at the photos, shot by Anson Smart and I'm just saying, I think we should all be getting excited. I met Amy at a friends art gallery opening in Soho, nearly ten years ago. We gravitated towards each other and ended up spending the entire night talking next to the cheese and wine table, like we've known each other for years. We had a lot in common, growing up in Australia, somehow ending up living in New York, and a deep love of cooking and food. Amy taught me a lot about baking without gluten or refined sugar without sacrificing any of the texture or flavor. Head on over to the recipe page on the blog to give Amy's Lemon Maple Coconut Loaf a spin for a nourishing morning or afternoon cake.

1) What’s the best cake you’ve ever had?
It was my 34th birthday cake, made by my sister. I think it’s called a Princess Cake (editor: Prinsesstårta, a traditional Swedish layer cake or torte). It was about 12 thin buttery vanilla layers with chocolate ganache between each one and a thin dark chocolate coating.

2) What small joys do you get from baking a cake?
The sheer joy people experience looking at and eating cake. The temporary scent winding through the house.

3) Who deserves a cake in your community?
Who doesn’t? :)

4) What’s been your best cake fail?
No cake fails are good. But a lot can be hidden by a really good frosting.

5) Who would you like to have a slice of cake with?
My mother. No one likes my cakes more!

6) Any tips for the cake bakers at home? 

Give it a try! It’s worth the time and mess, as nothing tastes as good as homemade cake.


Amy, I 100% agree, frosting can hide all sorts of sins, but the main point is, you gave it a crack. Even if your cake is lopsided, or full of unexpected character...who cares! You've still got cake. 


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