Get cake ready

Hello ! How was your week?

While the world seems to be falling apart, it's good to know we still have cake and bookstores!

My beloved local bookstore, Books Are Magic just sent out their newsletter with the up and coming cookbook events. I'm very excited to share that I'll be there talking all things Simple Cake with Alison Roman April 12. If you're in New York you must come. It should be a hoot! (If you don't have Alison's book Dining In, run and grab a copy pronto.) And while you've got your calendars out, mark April 10. My friend and fellow Aussie, Hetty McKinnon launches her new fabulous book Family

My Chocolatey Chocolate Cake awaits you this weekend.

With love and oven mitts, as Books Are Magic signed off.


photo: Hallie Burton


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