Thanksgiving Goals


Hi Guys! Twice in one week... I know !! .. I'm coming on too strong?!

Hope your Thanksgiving is coming together. I've committed to wearing stretch leggings and loose shirts all weekend. No high waisted jeans for this little lady. After the slaving and gorging, I'm going to try and turn my sluggish mind off. Hope my list inspires you to join me cooking and vegging out. 

photos: Nicole Franzen

Turkey can turn dry and nasty on a dime. This bird looks bulletproof.

I'll make my Chocolate Crème Anglaise and eat too much pie.

Go see Bohemian Rhapsody then play greatest hits Queen on loop.

Sleep late, make a cup of tea, go back to bed, and read this

Valiantly try to mediate everyday for at least 10 minutes. I don't know Andy but I feel like I do, and that's his talent.

Take a wander through the apple orchards in Upstate NY.

Hangout with our fun New Zealand friends that are behind this winery and probably drink a little too much of their awesome Ned wines together.


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