CHOCOLATE! Now That I Have Your Attention...

Happy Friday Friends!

I hope this baking triptych gets you in the mood to bake this weekend. The Chocolate Creme Anglaise and Chocolatey Chocolate Cake recipes are here on the blog. Both can be banged out in no time, and if you wanted to smother one with the other, I'd fully support that decision.

If you're looking for something to watch while you double down on chocolate, checkout Free Solo or Roma . After seeing Roma, I'm wanting to get back to Mexico City asap, but in the meantime, I'll go to the Frida Kahlo exhibition. 

Simple Cake is off to races, and I pumped to say it's #1 in Baking Desserts on Amazon. If you haven't grabbed a copy, now is the time to make your loved one's bellies happy.

Odette x


photos: Hallie Burton


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