Sunday Night with Simple Cake

I'm procrastinating making dinner, but when I get this post done, I think I'll grill skirt steak and serve it with my green olive chimichurri, roast some homemade chippies and Ned just asked for my Mexican corn with cotija. He calls it "cheesy corn". I'll definitely sip on a glass of Malbec as I cook. And if I could have a slice of cake for dessert, I'd finish it off with my Milk & Honey Cake with a dollop of Honey Whipped Cream from Simple Cake. Hell yeah I would ! Hope this inspires you if you're in Sunday night dinner limbo.

Hope you all have a great week guys!

photo: Nicole_Franzen

It has been so rewarding getting all these lovely messages from people baking from my book. Here was my favorite from today.

“Last night my kid asked for cake for a little party today! He picked out lemon yogurt cake, raspberry lemon curd and marshmallow frosting and I was able to make it ALL with no stress in one night! I’m so in love with your cookbook, the mix and match aspect makes it perfect for a non cook such as myself...I feel like finally, FINALLY, after years of buying cookbooks and making 10% of the recipes, that I’ve found a trusted and true bible, ready in cake for any and all occasion!!! Thank you!!!!!!!”

No THANK YOU @feliceeva




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